Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome - The new web browser

I have downloaded the new Google Chrome web browser Beta release and used it for sometime. I love the browser's look and feel and its cool features. Here is my review of the new browser.


1. Chrome's address bar box can also be used as the search box so you don't have to browse to a search engine to perform searches. This means, address bar is doubled as Google Toolbar, no need to have additional box for the Google Toolbar. This is called Omnibox feature, one box for both search and web address.

2. You can drag a tab from the browser to your desktop to create a new window, and likewise if you have an open window and want to embed one tab into another window, you can do so by dragging it in between the tabs you want it to reside in.

3. Chrome is designed using multiple processes for multiple tabs.. This means each of the browser's tabs run as their own isolated process, not thread — if one tab crashes, the other tabs will remain untouched.

4. The browser has simple interface without any toolbars, menus and other stuff. That is plain and simple.

5. When you install the Chrome browser, it will import bookmarks from an existing browser, these bookmarks are not intuitive to access from Chrome. But you can press Ctrl+B to get the bookmarks bar, or on the right most corner of the browser, click on "Customize and Control Google Chrome" and then select "Always Show Bookmarks Bar".

6. One of Google Chrome’s nifty feature is its incognito mode which basically wipes all traces of web browsing activity after closing the incognito session. As a by-product, you can actually use incognito mode to log in simultaneously to two separate accounts like Gmail for instance if you are logged in on the regular browsing mode as well. Since the cookies between regular and incognito browsing modes are maintained separately, you will be able to be logged in under two different accounts to pretty much any website you have an account on. Log in once normally, log in again with a different account but going incognito. Imagine the endless possibilities, like chatting with yourself on Google Talk, Yahoo messenger!

7. You can nicely arrange your bookmarks on bookmarks bar, so that on a single click you can open all your frequent web sites.

8. The big nuisance pop-ups won't trouble you as much as they do on other browsers. Chrome has a nice way of placing these pop-up on the status bar, virtually making it no nonsense stuff, I like the Google's treatment to the annoying pop-ups problem.

9. You can see and go back directly to any page in the history by clicking and holding on the back icon.


1. If you have multiple tabs open, and you try to close the window, it will silently close all tabs, it won't prompt you like Firefox, and IE that multiple tabs are open.

2. Until now there are not many third party plugins available, firefox is a clear leader in this category.

3. Language support is not extensive, you can not browse many different language sites as you can with IE and Firefox.

2 comments: said...

i cant install google tool bar at this web browser... it seen like not compatible with their own product

Bajeed said...

Hi, you dont need to install a google toolbar for Chrome, as I said in the blog, the address bar itself can be used as toolbar, hence Google does not provide separate toolbar for Chrome.